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Have you been dreaming of a land with forests, oceans, mountains, and plains? At CIC, we offer the opportunity to study in Canada at Cape Breton University – and we also have annual Canada trips for our students! We developed this Canada guide to show students visiting Canada what to expect on their adventure. Our guide contains information about where and what to eat, exciting destinations that you have to see, the weather in all the seasons, and what life is like in Canada.


With CBU

CIC & CBU have signed a Student Exchange Agreement to enhance the educational and cross-cultural understanding. This exchange program is designed to maximize the value of your college experience and make it as beneficial as possible. We are not only aiming for academic enhancement, but we are also aiming for personal development in every possible way. This program will help you develop your analytical and problem-solving skills, increase awareness and self-esteem which have a great impact on your life in general, and your career path in particular.


Cape Breton university virtually

Located in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia on the East Coast, you can enjoy the beauty of nature everywhere you go on Cape Breton Island, from the breathtaking hiking trails along the coastline Cabot trail, to the relaxing ocean view and mountains. The island offers a wide range of activities that attract tourists from all over the world. Classified as one of the top 10 destinations in Canada, it’s also well known for its international and friendly community.


CIC’s dual program allows you to get a dual bachelor degree, the Canadian degree from CBU along with the Egyptian one. We are offering you the opportunity to join the Canadian graduates and get an international degree that will give you an edge in the job market. Equip yourself with hands-on education & get ready for the market with the co-op program that will provide you with the market skills throughout your education period before graduation. The degrees are accredited from the ministry of higher education and Cape Breton University.

CBU island

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Canada Trip

CIC has partnered with Cape Breton University – CBU in Canada for 15 years now, and since 2004 we have been sending students to study there every year. CIC offers a dual program that provides you with a Canadian bachelor degree from CBU in addition to the Egyptian one. BONUS: You get to travel and study there for a semester, one year, or even transfer completely. All those stories are real, they happened, and are still happening. And you can be next! All that you need to do is to join the dual program at CIC and you will be able to study in Canada starting your second academic year. We offer also annual trips to Canada to our students.